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Hello, I just converted my 5 seat LR3 to a 7-seater. This means I have all the 5 seat-unique items to sell as a kit. The 5 seater has a hinged door to access spare release and tools (extra storage) beneath the floor. It also has different carpet, trim, and more storage in the rear side bins if you choose to remove the styrofoam inserts (since this is now part of the new compartment in the rear of the vehicle if you remove your 3rd row seating).

If I don't sell it as a kit, I will look at selling individual pieces. This kit includes:

• Large Carpet/padding section with fewer openings for continuous rear area
• Carpeted trim pieces without seatbelt notches that accommodate tie-downs
• Rear upper panels replacing seatbelt-slotted panels.
• lowered brackets, tie downs, and other hardware (some may be duplicate)
• Carpeted/hinged cargo area door
• Carpeted cargo area panel
• Fitted Tool Cargo insert

This kit is larger/heavier than you might imagine. This is due to the large carpet/padded section which covers the entire rear of the vehicle - into the side panel floor area up to the 2nd row seats. It will need to be sent in a small crate. I will fix shipping at $100 for continental US (if more, I will eat it). The kit I will sell for $350.

Total Shipped Cont. US = $425 PayPal or personal check

Thanks for looking!

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