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Hi Everyone

Im a pleased owner of a LR3 2005 1600km. Ive got it in June 2005.
Until now!! Suddenly all warning lamps in the panel started to flash. Suspention went to "Hip Hop"bottom. ABS, fourwheeldrivesystems,parkingbrake, etc did not work. I went to the garage
were the mecanic started to errror seek. Found that all the cables under the car have been started to become "greenish" Do not know the english word for it. Anyway its a Huge contact problem. The mecanic sad this isnt the first LR3 with this problem. They ordered a new cable. And i have to sit and wait. So now my questions for u (If u might know it): Are the new cables a newer version, that better stand againt wet and water. Secondly, should i claim a new car because the problem might gone futher into the car and give me future problems. And one more thing, i have not been driving in more then 5 cm of waterdepth. So much for advertising Shoots of the LR3 in rivers!!!
Best Regards
Hope To here from u soon.

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You can't claim Lemon Law on that vehicle for just this problem. Every state is different, go on the web and check out Lemon Laws in your state. Usually it takes 4 to 6 of the same problem within the first 18 month of ownership.
As fir the new cable, ask them if this is a upgraded cable, they are the only ones that know.
Mike J.
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