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I recently purchased software/hardware (Elm327 wifi device) for my 2006 LR3 SE V8 so I could read/clear faults. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what actions to take with the following faults. I cleared all faults when I first hooked it up, and below are the ones that keep coming back:

Air suspension module faults:
-Pressure increases too rapid when filling reservoir
-Exhaust valve

Instrument Package Module faults:

-Lost communication with transfer case control module
-Lost communication with tire pressure monitor module
-Lost communication with ride level control module

I have a bumpy ride. When I go over speedbumps at a speedbump's pace, I hear loud knocking sounds. I feel like I'm riding on bare metal sometimes (exaggeration). But, with air suspension you'd think the ride would be smooth and quiet! :crying

Also, could the fact that the vehicle has "lost communication with transfer case control module" -- would this explain the jerk-forward feeling I get after giving it gas from a rolling "cali stop" or accelerating after a stop sign? I already cleaned out the mass air flow sensor and throttle body, twice and the jerk-forward still persists.

Lastly, when I raise the suspension to the max, I am unable to lower it back down with the lever. The only way to lower it back to normal ride height is to go over 30 MPH and it does it automatically. Would "Lost communication with ride level control module" have anything to do with this??

Not sure about the tire pressure fault. I know at least the driver side rear sensor is working because I have to keep filling up that tire every week or so (it tells me low pressure).

The plan is to get johnson rods and 275-65-18 tires but I don't know if I need to fix anything with the vehicle first...

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I may be able to help with a couple of your issues.

First, the knocking sound you're hearing when driving over bumps is more than likely the A arm bushings. This is common on the LR3s. Do a search and you'll see what's involved if you decide to do the work yourself.

The "jerk-forward" you're experiencing is, unfortunately, somewhat common too. I've heard of a lot of people taking their vehicle to the stealership to have the transmission software updated.

Not being able to lower the suspension with the ride control lever is more than likely due to the loss of communication with the module. Now, why it has lost communication is something I can't answer. With as many sensors, cables, and fiber optics running through the vehicle, it could be one of many things causing the loss of communication. Sorry.

I would certainly get your issues taken care of (at lease the suspension issues) before you start modding it.

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