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Purchased a used 12' LR4 Early 2016 ~59,900k

This was not my first LR by any means and have dealt with/owned most of the newer models since ~2000 Mainly D2 and up.

got the CPO and within first 60 days noted a few things.

- vibration under load at ~2,500rpm > 2,800rpm
Needs Transfercase / Transmission Damper TSB Known - not Covered by CPO
Not too expensive maybe $200-300

- Steering wheel grinding zipping noise - intermittent but definitely there - Sound is in the CAB.
Can hear without the vehicle rolling - noise right at the bearing point
(my guess is plastic / part wire is too close to rotating parts and is intermittently rubbing on edges but don't know the inner workings of the column and how it works)

Both issues noted within first 90 days of ownership

has been at Dealer ~4 times - they never hear it - although I can within 15-30 min of driving.
Anyone KNOW what this sound is?

Not the plastic cover for airbag they say - supposedly that has been checked during air bag TSBs.
Most Recent video - One Service Dept heard and said "Definitely not a Normal Noise, but might be a bushing - which CPO will deny under sqeaks and rattles and replaceable bushings)

Possibly ~$3k to replace steering column (would be max - NOT going that route)

1st Recording in April 2016 - after 1st Service Attempt with no resolution - they were not able to replicate
- another video with less shirt noise and hear much clearer between wheel and column

LR4 2016 - for comparison (sure any of you with LR3/RRS/RR/LR4) should have the same quiet wheel

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