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Hello - I had a small coolant leak in my 2016 LR4's engine bay in the vicinity of the water pump. The cross-over pipes also had to be replaced at the same time. It was fixed by a dealership with a proportion of the cost coverd by an extended warranty, though I had to tussle with them for a bit over how each job was priced when they were done together. As a result, my bill was reduced by $1200.

A week after getting the vehicle back, I got a 'low coolant' warning on the dash, so I called the dealer where the vehicle had been worked on previously to give them a heads-up that I'd be calling back if the drop in fluid proved more than an air lock. It did. After topping the system off, it went down again, so I took it in for a diagnosis. The result claimed it was nothing to do with the previous repair and that it was now leaking from the rear of the vehicle. I was quoted 8 hours of labor and $500 for a new rear hose/pipe setup. No break from the warranty company, as they don't cover any hoses/pipes. I told them I'd figure the problem out myself rather than pay that.

I have been under the vehicle and checked the rear coolant pipes and can find no sign of a leak anywhere, including on the top side of the spare wheel! I think even a pinhole leak would show some sign of itself. I'm still working to see if I can find any sign of a leak further along the piping.

I'm having some trouble referencing the rear section of the cooling/heating pipes so that I can check it's price online - can anyone help? Also, can anyone recommend a mechanic in Maine who works on LR4's.

Thanks for any help.
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