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A 2000 Disco II owner recently wrote about a problem he has with his 4x4.

He has the ABS, TC and HDC lights on AND he needs an engine valve job. The dealer must have 'dropped the bomb' when the owner was told the diagnosis and the cost of the cure.

Upset, the owner telephoned LRNA and complained about the problem. He spoke to a LRNA representative, GARY, and voiced he complaint about these problems. Most Disco owners know about the sticking exhaust valve problems and the 'three amigos' (ABS, TC and HDC) lights.

Well, GARY was not aware of these problems. He told the owner that these two problems are not common and he's never heard of them before. Imagine that.

SO, let's all help Gary of LRNA. He is unaware of the exhaust valve problems faced by most 4.0 and 4.2 engines. He's also has never heard about problems with the ABS, TC and HDC lights coming on at the same time. Its up to us LR owners to educate poor Gary.

If you want to help Gary, give him a call at 1-800-637-6837. Hit 9 then follow instructions to add extension. I'm sure he'd like to know more about these expensive problems. Poor guy.



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wasnt this posted at dweb?.....

....I agree with them, this guy almost certainly knows about these problems....and wont admit it. I dont think any company wants to admit that their product is faulty. No need to would just be wasting time.

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Ehh.. I feel that he is a "poor guy" if people is really calling.. whether or not he is aware of it, doesn't mean that it is LRNA recognized as their fault.. If you really want to get a change, call and complain in general.. don't attack this person in general.
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