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We were out last weekend in Denbighshire and it just so happens that the December issue of Land Rover Owner International covers all the lanes that we do when we are in that area. I haven’t included the Wayfayrer just because that’s such standard fodder!

I often get asked for details of the routes shown in my films. Well here is the perfect opportunity to get a set.

A bit longer than my usual films this one but it needed to be to fit it all in. Also the weather was horrible so the filming quality isn’t quite to my usual standard!

Have a look on page 62 of LRO onwards and you can get a little video taster of almost every lane they describe. Towards the end there is even a close up of a DISCO 1 ejecting its own suspension!

Lowrangers 4x4 at Llangollen Steps, V Gulley, Whitestones, Pheasant Steps - LRO December 2013 - YouTube
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