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Actually I'm not even worried about the xfer case in my 110, it's in a '96 Disco we bought to use in the woods, but I figured I'd get more answers out of Defender people. The diff-lock lever (not the lever up topside, but the lever, or quadrant, if you will, on the case itself) seems to have THREE positions, with a definate detent in left, center, and right. In puting the linkages all back in, It appears that unlocked puts the quadrant to the left, and locked puts it in the center. I'm not sure this is right, and only adds to my anxiety of taking on jobs dissassembled by someone else. The LR workshop manual is, as usual, completely useless, the parts manual doesn't shed any more light, and the Haynes manual some sadist left beneath my Christmas tree last year doesn't go there either.
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