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I have a load of Female connectors for sale for series wiring harnesses I have twins and singles they are of very good quality with a proper rubber outer,not the hard plastic cheap type.

An Ideal opportunity to replace all the old bad connections on your series landy or other british leyland classic.

I also have the male connectors to replace the ones that get pulled off when they seize in the old female connector,The ones I have are top quality solder on brass connectors .

I have used these same connectors on my series One and have proved 100% reliable.

Prices are:-
Twin female connectors (headlight,side light,multi earths etc)
£2.50 for 5 inc postage in the UK
$3.50 for 5 plus postage U.S.A

Single female connectors (rear lights,indicators general loom connections)
£2.50 for 10 inc postage in the UK.
$3.50 for 10 plus postage U.S.A

Male brass solder on connections top quality.
£2.50 for 10 inc postage in the UK.
$3.50 for 10 plus postage U.S.A .

Cheers ONz
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