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Hey yall,
Something I have not found on this forum is the lug pattern/spacings and whats equivalent, as in, what other makes and models could fit on any LR or RR.

I have a 1998 Disco 1 and I was thinking about purchasing some wheels (with tires included) that came off a Jeep, but, have no clue if it would fit.

So, I was wondering if there is a Basic Wheel (lug spacing) info... preferably would be in the same format as basic tire info provided by llesra (thank you, its very helpful)

Would like to know what other makes could fit on any LR or RR.
This would make shopping easier.

Hope my post isn't too confusing.

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I'm not aware of any other vehicle (other than Land Rover) wheels that will fit, until you get to the DII & P83 bolt pattern.
There are a number of companies that make aftermarket wheels that fit the D1, etc.
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