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Hello all,
I recently picked up '94 LWB in Atlanta. On the dirve back the alternator locked up (it was the original). I was stuck in the middle of Indiana and was "held hostage" so to speak to have a new alternator installed. Fast forward a couple of weeks and things were fine until Thursday afternoon. While driving things started to fail electrically. First the tach would bottom out, then return. This kept going. I lost the radio... (volume became very low, but was there minimally at full blast). EAS started to fail. I pulled off the road and popped the hood. What I found was the main lead coming off the alternator was melted and barely attatched. Sparks would fly as I moved the wire. At the same time the idle would drop or race depending on how I moved the wire. What appears to be the ground for the alternator (I am new to this) was barely hanging on. Across the street there was a mechanic so moved the wire (to get my idle back) to get across the street. As I was crossing the street the idle bottomed out... the truck sputtered... raced and then died. There was no current anywhere. I was going to get towed, but with no power could I could not get it out of park. So we decided to see if it could be jumped. Within 1 minute the cables and the battery heated up dramatically. We had to use gloves to get the cables off. It was finally towed (dolly tow) to the Rover dealership. I am in a panic about what could possibly have gone wrong. The head of the service department mentioned something about current feeding back through the system. Wiring harness beign shot. That was a guess because they have not looked at it yet.
I would appreciate any feedback or comments the members have here.
Sorry this post was so long, but I wanted to include all of the details.

Thanks again,


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IF you had a dead short hot to ground you might see the cables heat up.
So that would lead me to believe there is a problem with the harness.
So was the alternator an OEM alternator that you were hostage over??
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