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Maintenance in Winter

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I need to do some work on my rover and it's getting colder all the time. I don't mind the cold but I'm concerned that things like gasket replacements, fluid drains, priming, and gasket dressings may not work well in the cold. I don't have a heated garage and I'm talking about temps down to around 20 degrees F when I would actually be doing the work. Am I overthinking this or is this likely a problem? Sure would hate to have the work done at a shop just because it's cold outside.
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So, how many miles on your truck and when was the last major service performed as described in the stick above.
Have you inspected/repaired or replaced your front drive shaft?
Working through the list on my 99. Biggest issue now is replacing my timing gasket though.
The cold won't affect anything long-term. Factor in additional time for the job though as cold fluids flow slower (longer time to drain) while gasket dressings and RTV will take more time to dry.

Also a good set of "cold weather" work gloves will make a world of difference because below-freezing temps will greatly affect the motor abilities of minor digits meaning you'll have harder time gripping tools and using your fingers.
Great! Thanks for the tips
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