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Hi all, thank in advance to try to help me. I have a lot of problem with my LR3 2005.

1- Right flasher doesnt work. My flasher ligth stay alway open. ( Front, side n Back) It's really a big probleme because I cant signal my intention on the road.

2- 50 % of my speaker radio dosent work
3- Unable to open my sunroof nothing happen when a press the buttom
4- Error message fault with my HDC

5- Suspension Fault ( but I know my compressor is dead and i have lot of leak, I order new air suspension kit and compressor from Arnott)

6- System Fault, my Terrain respond stop to work for no reason
7- If I open my driver windows and try to close the passager windows at the same time, the signal was inversed and the close windows open and the open windows close..

8- My Remote key stop working, I open my door manually each time. I order new plastic case and batterie to change the key. If i have chance the key is still programming, but it's maybe an probleme with the sunroof wire??

9- My Gaz line disconnect 2 time for no reason ! I lose all my gaz in my parking ! I replug the connector.. dosent look broke. Temperature failure ? ( -30 degres under zero )

I change my batterie but is change nothing.

I dont know is an Firmware updated is needed but is really weird. Lot of intermitent problem.

Now I try to find if I have corrosion on wire, fuse or back of the fuse box. I let you know but I think water penetrated somewhere.
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