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major leak issues

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2003 Disco 103,000 miles
has been leaking power steering fluid and antifreeze for 5 months, I just kept topping off reservoirs
started hearing high pitched sound when accelerating and engine light would blink on and off, so decided to take it in to a guy who worked on it before, but isn't a Rover mechanic. He told me today there are leaks all over, when I asked him specifically where he had no direct answer. When I asked him if he could clean it up and put fluorescent fluid in it to determine where the leak is coming from, well, he laughed at me. He says it will cost 2,000 dollars or more once he gets into it, says it's not worth it. Car runs fine, noise goes away after a few minutes, he says maybe fluids are getting on the belt, belt looks new. I put leak stop in Power steering reservoir a few months back and it seemed to work for a while. Thinking of taking it to a mechanic that works on Rovers 45 mins away. He mentioned a leak in the back of the engine? He didn't seem sure. ugh, sound familiar? any advice?
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Get underneath the truck with a flashlight and track down the source of the leaks. It's really not that difficult and if your mechanic says "it's not worth it" he's giving you bad advice. Get a new mechanic.

The PS fluid leak can be either the steering box, pump, or hoses. Should be easy to spot where the leak is coming from. Replace the leaking parts - PS fluid is pretty harsh on rubber and if left long enough it could damage the belt, hoses, bushings, etc. Stop leak is good stuff, but if the leak is big enough it won't help.

"Leak from the back of the engine" usually means coolant, and it's usually caused by a bad head gasket. Pretty good guess considering your mileage. Unfortunately it will only get worse so the best course of action is to replace the head gaskets. There's an outside chance that it's the valley pan gasket or the throttle body heater, but my money is on the HGs.

You don't seem to be a DIYer, so the fixes won't be cheap. You could easily be looking at $3000 in repairs between the steering and the head gaskets.
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Might I add that the 2003 engines are notorious for not just blowing head gaskets, but having cracks behind the cylinder wall liners. That repair is more like $9K to fix.

Would definitely take it to a LR mechanic (not the dealership) that has experience. They can tell you what's wrong with it and then come back on this forum for advice.
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