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Major Service for High Miler
1 Oil filter, K&N 3001 or Mobil 1- 301
1 Factory air filter
6 Qts. of engine oil
2 feet of 3/16th vacuum tube
2 feet of 5/16th vacuum tube
6 Qts. Of Vavoline’s high mileage Dextron 3 ATF
7 Qts. of 80/90W synthetic gear oil, 85W/140 for HD use
3 Pints of Vavoline’s DOT 4 Brake fluid
4 Qts of synthetic ATF fluid
1 bottle of Lucas P/S stop leak
1 bottle Lucas Tranny Stop Leak
2 Gallons of Peak or any green or yellow coolant, don’t use Dexcool
1 Bottle of Lucas Power Steering additive
1 Bottle of Lucas Transmission additive
1 Can of Spray Carb. Spray
1 Can Of Brake cleaner
8 Spark Plugs, I use Bosch Platinum Plus 4's
1 Set of Magnacor or STI 8mm plug wires
1 Serpentine belt
2 Bottles of SeaFoam gas additive
1 T/Stat
1 bottle of WaterWetter or Purple Ice
1 new fuel filter
Hoses and belts, as necessary
Front and rear wheel bearings and all seals for wheel bearings and swivels if necessary

60,000 Mile Service or Major Service for High Mileage Used Vehicle just purchased

Bleed the brakes
Flush and change the power steering fluid adding one bottle of additive
Service the tranny adding one bottle of additive, change the filter if necessary
Change the coolant and t/stat
Do an engine flush before changing the oil
Do an induction cleaning
Clean the throttle body
Add fuel additive to full gas tank
Change both of the diffs fluid
Change the t/case oil
Replace the plugs and wires
Replace the air filter
Lube all the drive shaft grease fitting including the 2 slip shafts
Do full inspection of brakes, hoses, bushings etc.
Repack or replace the 4 wheel bearings
Service the swivel balls, reseal, refill and adjust the pre-load
Replace the fuel filter
Inspect and replace all hoses, brake, coolant and cooler lines as necessary

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doing all this is suppose to help prevent things happening or just helping I just wanna know whats the purpose of the list I would love to know.

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doing all this is suppose to help prevent things happening or just helping I just wanna know whats the purpose of the list I would love to know.
I think the point is that even the newest D1 is 16 years old. Most have over 100,000 miles and most seem to have been neglected once they hit that 100,000 mark. If you buy a used D1 you should address all of the items on the list.
What's more is there are items not on the list that should also be addressed. Everything on a vehicle has a life expectancy and a lot of items are at the end of their life when you approach 20 years. You should also be looking at shocks, springs, ALL bushings, a-arm ball joint, Tie Rod Ends, fuel filter, fuel pump, and so on.
Not everything will need replacement but everything should be checked.

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I have done most of the thing on my D1 i got a few months ago (apart from wheel bearings, swivel seals etc.) . Took some time for sure but now i have a bit of piece of mind. Any vehicle that is new to me i always change the fluids, sparkies, and brakes as well as checking the mounts and suspension.

Gear/ t-case oil on these guys is a must because most people never do it when the buy them second hand. Mine was terrible and a disgusting milky color. (Check your breather tubes!!).
The shocks and brakes were a must for me as well. The brakes were worn down wayy to far, and the bushings on the shocks were looser then a Tennessee hooker.

Other things to look for is the condition of your radiator, they have a tendency to fault at some point (mine was already replaced) also while i did my valve covers its essential to replace certain vacuum lines and check all coolant lines because at this point most are very brittle and are at risk. just squeeze them and see if the compress and reform easily
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