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Manual Diff locking 1999 series II Disco

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Hi There everyone. :wave:
Can anyone help a newbie at diff locking my disco....
I know how to do it from on top of the transfer case, but I believe there is two modes for this, depending on if the ignition switch is on or off....
Can anyone shed some light on these settings.
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Disco Mike said:
I am only guessing but it sounds like you have converted your CDL, is this correct?
If you have how did you do it?
Usually if you engage your CDL after you have started your truck you will still have ETC and ABS. If you leave it on and restart with the CDL already on, it will turn off your ETC and ABS
Hope this make since.
MIke J.
Thanks for the reply Mike.
Not sure what the CDL is, but I haven't modified anything. I had a noise in the front drive shaft once and took it off while I was getting extractors put on,but didn't look like I would make it back with the shaft, so the bloke could drive it off his lift. I rang a dealer and was told you can't move it without the front drive shaft because of the traction control, and what I would have too do is to manually diff lock it...On top of the tranfer case is a tall thread with a nut ( only 2 sides to the nut). a quarter turn diff locks it and cuts out the traction control. I have been told there is 2 settings to this, but not sure what they are....
There is a kit I can buy here, that you can connect to the nut and drill up into the centre console and put a lever there to save you getting under and using a spanner, but until I find out what each setting does I don't want to spend the $360. I only have trouble in one spot on the beach,and that is a hill with a bumpy run up which sets the traction control off and slows my run up.
Quinny :wave:
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So if I turn the nut on top of the tranfer case while the key is off it will engage the diff lock and turn off the traction control and ABS, and if I turn the nut while the ignition switch is on it will engage the diff lock and keep the traction control and ABS on. ????? :)
:drink1: Cheers Mike.
I will give it a go in the next couple of days, as I am on 5 weeks holidays.
Gotta go fishing or the wife 's going to kill me
C'ya :wave:
TerryS said:
Oh Man, 5 weeks vacation and a wife who'se gonna kill him if he DOESN'T go fishing. Does she have a sister?
Yes Terry, she does have 4 sisters, but 2 are leso's and the others are not sure yet.......
:clap: :clap: :clap:
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