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MAR Oct 6-9 2005

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Just curious, who's going?

I'll be leaving NY on Tuesday, Oct. 4th. We'll be traveling thru the night arriving on Wednesday.

Anyone else from the NY/NJ/CT area?

Ryan and Alvin, when are you guys leaving?
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Ryan, I just got off the phone with our shipping company. They are picking up the orders on Friday, takes 5 days for the boat to reach NJ, a few more days to clear customs. As soon as they come in I'll let you know.

Sven, we have the rear lower shock mounts in stock. let me know if you need them before MAR. I heard you're meeting up with GP. Look forward to seeing you at MAR.
appstatedisco said:
stupid question, but what is MAR?
Largest Rover even on the East Coast. Check out ROAV.ORG

Over 400 vehicles last year... an event you cannot miss.

Last year the **** (just kidding) from D90 source had a photo shot together. Maybe this year we can have a LRO group photo. Hey Serg, who's representing the group at MAR? I'll have a vendor booth so if you have any brochures you want to give out let me know.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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