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Friends, I have been in the automotive business for almost 30 years. Working as a Service Director for dealerships mostly. I have not had the pleasure of running a Land Rover service department but have had my time with the European makes, such as Porsche and BMW.

I have always had great respect for the technicians and enthusiasts who spend time on forums such as this one. I myself have been involved and shared insight on forums but again, never Land Rover. For now, I'm hoping to find someone who is willing to give me a few suggestions as to how to go about the issue that perplexes me today. I purchased a 2005 Freelander. I now understand that that was not the best decision I have made. :/ I had hoped to give this car to my daughter to drive to law school. I am getting very nervous as to whether that will happen now. It looks like a Ford Escape, but apparently it does not share much more than the look. It's in great shape and I've already fixed everything else (non engine) related. Sunroof arms have been replaced, multiple window regulators/motors and various other things.

Now to my problem: While in the process of replacing the timing belts, I found that the the crank pulley timing mark was off by a tooth. After purchasing the tool kit specific to do the job and for the 2.5 KV6 engine, I locked the cams using the tools, I couldn't get the pin in the crank to lock it. So I had to rotate the engine with the timing belt off to properly line up using the safe mark and I was able to lock the crank and affix the cam locking tools on that side. Everything looking good at this point. After leaving the main belt side and going to the other side, I removed the covers for the two belts and immediately noticed the timing was off as per the pulley marks of the front bank. I find that the intake camshaft pulley's timing mark is not facing the exhaust camshaft mark as it should according to the manual. The cam timing tools would not go onto the pulleys to lock in place. I have attempted to turn the exhaust camshaft to line up the timing marks but no matter what I do, they wont line up. The tools wont fit onto the pulleys. I removed the pulleys and fit them onto the locking tool and used the pins so I could feed the pulleys as one unit back over the pins. They will not go back on as one unit because the two cam timing marks wont face each other no mater how I try. I pulled the valve cover off and can see the cam shafts are not damaged or "twisted" I also found that the camshaft part numbers are not US but UK instead. I verified they are correct for this motor but Euro spec. I called a dealer and found that this block is not the original and instead a replacement. I don't know any more than this and the dealer could help with more info either. I need some guidance on the Intake Cam timing dilemma I am facing. Can anyone offer me any feedback that I can use please??

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