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Ongoing medical expenses have stalled out this project so I'm selling the unused parts.

Brand new, never installed Mark's 4WD transfer case adapter. This adapts a short nose TH400 transmission to the LT230. Everything included. I'm selling it with Mark's Chevy V8 engine mounts. They are designed for small block V8's, but my plan was to use them with an LS engine and adapter plates. Adapter plates are inexpensive and plentiful. You could also cut and weld new plates on to the motor mounts with the LS bolt pattern. Or just use the mounts as fixtures to scratch build LS mounts. Lots of uses for them, regardless of which GM V8 you want to use, so I'm including them.

You would pay $1300+ for this same kit shipped from Mark's.

I'm asking $900 shipped 48 states. I was thinking $1100 OBO, but then I have to deal with everyone and their cat sending me low ball offers. So I'm gonna go straight to $900 firm. You save $400 off the top for brand new parts with original paperwork and no wait.

I also have a built TH400 (from Jake's Performance) with reverse manual valve body, torque converter and LS flex plate. It's still nailed to the shipping crate, never installed. Very nice setup. Paid $3100 + freight. This is probably not the site to sell it, so I'll just say let me know if you are interested and we can discuss it more.


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Good deal for someone looking to do the swap. Do you know if it will work with the 700R4?
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