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Max permitted towing weight series 2a

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I have bought a 1967 series 2a 109 pickup with a diesel engine to use for work ( and I am selling a really pukka petrol series 3 88 swb if anybody is interested).

Anyway, just a few things I need help with.

What is the maximum weight that this vehicle can tow, or is permitted to tow.

Maximum gross weight for the truckcab is 3500 kilos I think, but what is the tare weight?

Also what is the average fuel consumption for this vehicle..

Also, I have had it rewired, reseated, new shocks, new window strips and door rubbers etc and painted it. It is on the ramps tomorrow then to the MOT testing station on Tuesday. Is 1967 a seatbelt exempt year?

Also, I have a 1966 series 2a LWB V5 and chassis plate for sale because I had to break a scrap ( rotton chassis) truck cab for the truck cab and other spares. (The 1966 vehicle was a station waggon a few weeks ago). Email enquiries only for this one.

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