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I'm located in Greencastle, Indiana 46135. I would like to find a mechanic for a 1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7. I'd be willing to drive a distance to find an honest, reasonably priced, reputable mechanic.

Here's my current, immediate needs:

I did not get a remote with my 1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7, not sure they came with one, so I have been using the drivers side door lock to lock and unlock the vehicle. This has worked fine for the 3 months I've owned the vehicle, until today. Now, when I lock the drivers side door, none of the other doors lock. If I'm in the vehicle with the engine running and lock the drivers door, nothing happens for 30 to 45 seconds, then the other doors will lock and immediately unlock.

The anti theft red light on the radio flashes when the key is off. The red light on the dash does not flash when the key is off. The horn is not going off. The exterior lights do not flash either when I lock the drivers side door. They did previously.

The vehicle does start and run fine. Actually, before this happened, there would sometimes be a few seconds delay before the vehicle would start but it always started and ran fine. It starts immediately now.

Its almost like there is no power to the circuit now .......

I'd like your thoughts and input on what the problem could possibly be, and how to possibly fix the problem.

The other issue is when I turn sharply left or right, at slow speeds, I get a loud rumbling or popping sound, and it almost feels like there is a shifting of the front suspension........

I'm going to the alignment shop this week but I wanted to get some input before I went. It drives fine. No noises or anything when I drive at highway speeds or turn in a wide radius. It will definitely get your attention though when it does happen. Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened !

Where can I find this RAVE manual everyone speaks of ?

Thanks in advance for all your help and insight.

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