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Well, it's that time in every Rovers life when there is some major rust repair that needs attention. I've been patching her together for the past year. But it's been bothering me because I know that the repairs arn't going to last as long as I need them to. I wanted to keep using her for the next year before I rebuilt her, but upon my last trip, the rear body mounts let go, so I've decided that there is some major work that is in order. So I had a look around her to see what needs repair, and oh my.... Rockers, floors, wheel wells, body mounts, small amounts of the frame, rear body cross member, boot floor, and the rear drivers taillight corner. And that's all I can see before I start taking things apart! I know over in the UK they have Paddocks, and they ship to Europe, but being in Canada, it would cost a small fortune to get everything shipped over. Does anybody know of any North American suppliers that would have all of the replacement parts? Any input is apreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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