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Hi Everyone,

Been lurking here for a bit while I was deciding on buying my first Land Rover and have learned quite a bit on what to expect.

Little background on the vehicle:

So after searching around what seemed forever I found what I thought to be an amazing deal on a 2006 LR3 with 94k miles on it. I didn't look at it in person because it was over in Chicago and I'm over in NY so I figured Id just bite the bullet and buy it (on ebay) from a dealership who had bought it at auction. I called many dealerships till I tracked down the one that has done most of the maint. on it. It started out here in NY and then moved to Chicago 2 years later, and it looked as if it was taken in for all scheduled maintenance. It looks as only the last maint. wasn't preformed as the service warning flashes on the dash. I believe its the 75k service. So I just wound up clearing it with a vci clone so it doesn't annoy me anymore... and I know the 100k maint. is coming up fast.

I have a few odd sounds hopefully you guys can help me figure them out so I can nip them in the ass before it becomes a major problem.

Ok so after I took delivery of the truck I immediately did an oil change and started to drive it around to get some miles on it. Everything seemed perfect until after I put about 400 miles on it. I noticed pulling out of my driveway a metallic tink/clink sound as if you were hitting a metal bar on the ground or slapping metal rods together is the best way to explain the sound. Kind of like a higher pitch tink tink tink clink. This only happens when going slow maybe anything under 10mph randomly but never happens at high speeds. Also I hear it when I slow down from high speeds to under 10mph but its random as well. This tinking/clinkg sound is driving me crazy because I cant pinpoint exactly where its coming from, I think its on the left side somewhere but I cant be 100% sure.

I really noticed it today when I was in a parking garage.
I know that I need an outside tie rod end because my right wheel wiggles a bit when I had it up in the air the other day. Also when I took it in for an inspection they confirmed outer as well and they told me to just replace inner and outer to be safe. I couldn't imagine the tie rod making this noise though as its not a popping or clunking sound.

Second metallic noise I noticed the second I took delivery of the truck is a metal grindy sound as if the break rotors are grinding against a bare pad but this only starts after I am doing about 10-15mph and it sounds like its coming from the back right. Its highly annoying like a droning sound and I cant put my finger on what it is yet but it doesn't look to be the break rotors because I have felt all of them and there are no grooves and all the pads look brand new.

Thanks for reading this wall of text ;)
I hope one of you has some insight to these issues as I have hit a wall :help

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