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Going to be having the 2nd Midwest Land Rover Rally this May 16-18! It will be at Badlands again and will run much like it did last year. Wheeling, accommodations, and food will be the onus of each participant. T-shirts will be mostly pre-order this year. Not that hocking shirts out the back of my Disco wasn't fun but.........well no, it wasn't that fun. Haha!

Working on a couple things including a day at Mission Impossible. MI is right next to Badlands on private land. It's an additional fee but is supposed to be worth it. 33's and lockers are recommended. This will be pre-pay/register, too.

The website has the new dates on it and the rest will be updated soon.
Midwest Land Rover Rally
Hope to see you guys there!

JUST ADDED: "Mission Impossible" run. Register by May 1st!! Midwest Land Rover Rally

Mission Impossible is a separate set of trails on private land right next to Badlands.
These trails arent for the faint of heart, there's a reason for its name.
Here's the recommeded setup per Badlands staff.
-34"+ tires, lockers, sliders, winch
-The cost is $60 per truck, minimum 5 trucks/maximum 10. If we get more the cost will go down and the difference refunded. If we don't get 5 trucks everybody will receive a full refund.
-The $60 includes a mandatory trail guide, entrance fee to Mission Impossible, and entrance fee to Badlands.
-Badlands will be open to 7pm Saturday and Sunday, so after MI you can still hit Badlands.

I'm in so we only need 4 more!

Any questions let me know.
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