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montego turbo engine

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any one no if a montego engine would pull a 109 or would it be no better then the standard old log burner diesal as in power and mpg :confused
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Depending on what you'd call 'good MPG' there are a few options.

A 2.5 Diesel Turbo from a Ninety/One Ten will drop in nicely (just make sure you get a good one and don't abuse it) and churns out 81 bhp. It gives about 23-27 mpg, which isn't very good for a diesel, but it's an improvment on a petrol engine.

The Montego engine is also a good one. Because it has a much higher redline speed (4600 rpm instead of 4200) than the Land Rover diesels, you can reach a much higher top speed without any gearbox modifications. In standard turbo form you can get 35 mpg. Tweak it and fit and intercooler and you'd get close on 100 bhp and around 28 mpg.

The smaller Peugot diesels (1.8 litre I think) are cheap to fit and I think go in with the minimum of fuss. These turn out about 90 bhp, but I have no idea how this translates to road performance in a Land Rover- I recall someone mentioning that low-speed torque wasn't very good, which stunted progress somewhat.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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