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MOST RELIABLE...4.0 or 4.6..?

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Hello gents,

I am in the market for a an add-on to the Land Rover extended family ( 66' Landie, 94' LWB, 95' LWB, 99' DII, 99' RR HSE, 06' RR Sport).
I am looking for either a 2002 or a 2004. Based on my past not so good experiences with the 4.6 motors ( both on the blown motor in a newly-purchased 04' DII SE with 40K and my sitting 99' RR HSE with 75K), I am inclined to purchase an 02' to replace my aging 99' DII.

I would most definitely appreciate any input / opinions /lectures on the matter. Which is a better engine, 4.o or 4.6.....?

Much obliged.


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i have no experience with the 4.0 but my 4.6 has been great.only thing is a very very slight noise from the engine when warming up and a few leaks.108k and only broke down on me once because water pump exploded
They are both the same engine block, 4.6 just has a longer stroke.
I have both and they are the same block as Mike said...If my 4.0L ever goes in my 98 there is no way in hell I'd put another 4.0L in it, not because it's a bad engine, but because it is so God aweful under powered compared to my 4.6L. I will either put a 300tdi/R380 in it for the mileage or a 4.6 for the power and a tuned one at that. In regards to choosing a new memer to the family, engine would not have an impact on what I'd choose more than the condition of the truck... I love our D2, but I prefer my D1s. I also like the RRC much better than the P38...P38 is a nice truck, but overly complicated...Probably the most problematic Rover ever built. Do not judge them all by that.
Yeah, if I had to choose it would be the 4.6 for the power. But unless your 99 DII is falling to pieces I wouldn't swap it for an 02 DII because they have the LT230 transfer case without the difflock internals........assuming that matter to you?

For my money the later 04's with the fully operating, selectable, cable shifted difflock and a 4.6L V8 is the way to go.....or go for an LR3. It's the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned.
Nice Land Rovers.
Diff lock is not a big deal.... Output section of the case and the lever.... it would not influence my buy as it is an easy swap if the right truck doesn't have it and you need it. I've wheeled with LR3s and besides being a 3 ton tank, they are just too big, heavy and cumbersome on the tight trails we have in the mountains. I also am not a fan of all the electronics...Friend of mine had his emergency brake stick on the trail cost us 3 hours to bypass, the emergency release works better in theory than in practice...
Back to differences between the D1 and D2, many things are easier to service on the D1.
D2 has sealed wheel bearings-can't service
D2 has sealed front drive shaft-can't service
D2 does not have transmission dip stick- can't service as easy
D2 does not have full floating rear axle
D2 has electronically controlled trans
D2 has the ABS system that has been made famous by the 3 Amigos! I am never lonely driving the D2 for long lol. ABS,TC,HDC are very friendly!
D2 with Bosch and SA complicates servicing, things like spark plug wires take hours rather than minutes... Power steering pressure line (have fun) Given the natural progression of things I am sure the LR3 is even less owner friendly. D2 is based off the P38 and shares all of the problems, just not quite as many electronics to go wrong...It is the last of the relatively small solid axle trucks... I am not sold on Independent suspension on a 4x4 and probably never will be...
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I got a 4.6 sitting in the gararge... I wonder if its worth the hazzle swapping :)
Stock and original or has it been built?
My 4.6 in my 2003 Land rover discovery blew up with 135,000 miles.
I've lost two 4.6L engines at about 160k miles each. One in an '03 Disco and one in an '04. Both engines had slipped liners. I sold the '03 but swapped an LS-based L33 into my '04 and couldn't be happier. The 4.6L makes 217hp and the L33 makes 325hp. It really wakes up the Disco!
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