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Motorised side steps for Discoveries: Do they exist?

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Hello from Adam in NYC USA :drive:

I have older family members I have to taxi around. Awhile they would not admit it, they have a chore of a time getting in and out of the 1996 Discovery 1.

I saw this on the internet :

but I am also wondering... is there one custom made for the Land Rovers? I also wonder if they make one that would double as a slider for body protection.

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, They would ....

....if they were down/deployed. They are SUPPOSED to retract when the doors are closed. Most people wire them to the interior light circuit, like those fixed steps with the step lights.

Back to the 64,000 dollar question. Does the animal exist?

The original purpose for those mobile side steps is so my fossils can enjoy my Discovery as much as I. If I have to, I will install the additional hardware to remove them for those SPECIAL occasions offroad.
So much for asking...

I ask a simple question .....and I get a philosopher for a respondant.

Oh well. I downloaded one of the PDFS from the above website and it does not look too hard. I wonder if I can see one around here and see if I can someone reproduce them. If I go that route, I do like mine diamondplate.

I am also looking & doing for practical reasons.

My gray folks love the D1, especially after an outing to visit my sister two states over.
They enjoyed the soft ride and the large amount of interior room.
They did not even noticed the 'dead policemen' when we got to my sister's subdivision. To the rest, ya call them speedbumps but more like speedzits (the small ones vs the new DOT ones with the large chevons and the subsequent body damage to the small sedans. )

My D1 can do at 30 mph with no body slam and 40, well, the stuff in the back wants out.

Adam 96 D1
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Another reply to your question (!?)

TerryS said:
Soft Ride and Large interior? I swore you said you had a D1?
Yes. Not my fault I got a nice one. I am driving it down to Baltimore tonight from NYC in the pouring rain.
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