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mpg on my 95 disco

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Hey y'all

been reading a few replys to questions and I am getting 10 city 14 highway Is there anything I should check new fuel filter recently.93 octaine and ran fuel cleaner 500 miles ago.. some of ya are saying u r getting 18-20 highway //Let mek now

Thanks Eric
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Ya Terry, uphill.
Drove MI-FL-MI-FL-MI in November, averaged 20. I know, the math is pretty difficult for me, but somehow that's what I came up with. I've gotten worse, even got better a couple of times, but it all averages out if you continue to check for 6,000miles or so.

In town it sucks, snow around here and all it's tough to get 12. Blame it on a high-stall torque converter or whatever. I also hammer it frequently to keep the carbon down when I'm running in-town, keeps the city mileage down.

'99 D1, 93octane BP/Amoco & RedLine Fuel System Cleaner, syn. fluids w/ MoS2 snake oils added, 235s @ 32psi.

Oh yeah, and friction does eat fuel.

I'm on stock size Pirellis for the winter, both big tires and lift hurt fuel mileage too.

I don't know how much the GEMS affects highway mileage, better or worse, but I won't complain about how mine idles and runs. Personally I think that it gets a bad rap for mileage, lots of lifted and rodded trucks around, gotta pay for the ability to get through the tough trails. I don't think I'd get 17 with 33s on the truck, ... would like to find out though.
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