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In my other thread, I had issues with my fuel pump replacement but got it resolved with some help. With a new CPS and FP, I have been able to get the truck started but with several problems:

  • The truck idles roughly. In fact, the only way to keep it started I had to disconnect the idler control valve or it just cuts off.
  • I managed to limp the truck to a local Autozone three blocks away to get the codes scanned. I have thrown the following codes: P1551, P1514, P1590, P1884, P0505, P0340, P0560, P1536, P1668, P0102, P0453.

I was already aware of P0102. I need a new purge valve.

But the they suggest a malfuctioning ECU? Do I need to replace or reset it?

Background note: I may have run the truck out of gas some time ago which may have destroyed my previous FP. This has been a three-month long ordeal. Perhaps I'm experiencing other residual issues from that mishap.


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I think you have a wiring problem - all of those could be coming from the P0560 system voltage. most all of the others are bad signals from sensors. The sensors in the main run off a 5v system voltage from the ecu. You probably have a missing ground or a variable voltage output from the ECU which is causing the problem.
My money would be on a bad ground somewhere - check where you have worked and look for a poor connection.
You dont say where you are in your signature but if you list where you are someone may be able to come and help you. Also if you have live data when the engine is running if you post it could be helpful.

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I think I would have to agree on the possibility of a bad ground.
Lots of codes and the way I have read your other thread posts and sounds like all your grief may be tied together.
Condemned the fuel pump - still will not run
Must be a crank sensor - no still will not go
Runs 5 seconds and then shuts off - vacuum leak fix nope that's not it either...

Now Runs like crap and lots of codes - 3 months.... Man you are committed.

I mentioned getting back to basics in another thread.
Live data likely will not make much sense if a bad ground but I would not advise throwing more parts at it until you get to the root of the problem. Replacing more stuff will only add to the confusion.
I know what I am saying may not directly help but neither is replacing parts that you do not need

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Have you checked the battery & alternator? You have to have the right voltage for all other systems to work properly.
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