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Multiple Error Codes - engine swap

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First, I'm a newbie and have read this site for years and never posted. Great work on everything!

I have an '01 Disco II with 228K miles. I just swapped out the original engine (cracked block with three bad cylinders) for a pristine one ('01 w/ 86K miles). The plugs, wires, hoses, head gaskets and heat shrouds on the secondary air all replaced on the new engine. No leaks and runs good -- a little rough though.

Pulled the following codes: P1117, P0150, P0174, P1174, P1300, P0305, P0307, P0159 and cleared, but they eventually come back.

Should I replace both O2 sensors on bank 2 as the old engine was getting coolant into the exhaust and most likely they are damaged? Would this cause the engine to run lean and cause the misfires on #5 and #7? I'm confused on the P1117 as I would think the temp sensor would be in good shape with the rest of the engine. I'm also wondering about MAF as I've never cleaned or replaced.

Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for the direction to look!
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Start with the MAF first.

Clean with CRC MAF cleaner only.

If you need a new one, let me know, I might have one in stock.
Thanks PT! I will pickup today and see how it goes. I also plan on putting a can of SeaFoam in the next tankful of gas to make sure all is clean inside the engine. Will let you know how it goes.
Dont expect miracles from Seafoam, there may still be unresolved underlying issues that led to your needing to replace the engine, but, we must follow a systematic diagnostic process so as to not be distracted from the real issues
I understand...just wanted to make sure I was running with high enough octane and anything in the replacement engine was cleaned out from sitting up (damn ethanol). Put in the Seafoam and only code so far as been the 1117. Still have 1/2 tank left with the Seafoam in it. We'll see on the next fill up.
Update -- ended up having a battery that was going bad and throwing a bunch of weird codes. We're only 24 hours into the new battery and the only code is the P1117 still. Am going to cleanup the connections and use dielectric grease before swapping out the senor. Thanks for all the assistance -- especially the tip about something else causing the issues -- you were right on the money!
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