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2003 Discovery 2 SE7
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Figured I'd throw some pictures up here of my new-to-me 2003 Discovery 2 SE7. She has 114,000 miles on her with a slight tick in the motor (big thanks to everyone who has been helping me out with that!), but other than that, a dead battery that I replaced when I bought it, and a bad XYZ switch that I replaced, it has been a great truck for the month or so that I have owned it. So far, other than what I have already mentioned, I have fixed some chewed passenger window switch wiring, done the transmission service, changed the oil, and Sawzalled the bent/broken fold-down step off the back.



As you can see, I covered up the holes from where those plastic rear bumper things mount (which had fallen off before I bought the truck, and I don't like the look of anyway) with some rubber roofing material I had laying around and some epoxy. After I hit them with some rubber and plastic restorer, they looked great! Matched the bumper color perfectly after I cleaned that up too. This photo is after I did that but before I hit them with the restorer.

Overall, the truck has been fun to work on and even more fun to take off-road. I love the thing, which surprised me at first, because I had always been a Toyota guy (I grew up in the back of a Land Cruiser UZJ100), but this truck has so much character. As for future plans, I would like to install a 2" lift, some larger, more aggressive tires, a steel front bumper & winch, and a proper roof rack to hold some gear and my rooftop tent that I have. I want to use it as an overlanding rig eventually, because I have had a lot of fun doing some light overlanding and camping in my Volvo XC90, but its Haldex-based AWD and independent suspension have limited where I can go with it. I can already tell that I will have no such problems with this truck - I have already had it off-road a couple times and it is a monster, even on bald all-seasons. I am very excited for what the future holds for me and my Disco.
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