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I have had my LR3 SE V6 for almost 4 years now. My wife will not drive anything else and we love this truck.
The thing is that I am replacing headlight bulbs every 4-5 months, from side to side. Always alternating one side to the next, never the same side twice in a row.
I have replaced the wire/contact point on the headlight on both sides, so I know that it is solid. We also have that annoying "sound off and sound on" that occurs with the stereo that I have read that some people are experiencing.

Any suggestions to check for?

PS The battery is brand new as off this spring , and the wires are corrosion free.


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Did you by chance install a Xenon or HID kit on your rig? I found that installers don't always use matching parts. Mine had 2 different ballasts with different values and mine was eating headlights. No problems after changing out the HID kit.. Mine is a 2012 Evoque, but the man working on my lights said he sees mis-matched equipment all the time.

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Are they HID's or regular halogen bulbs. If they're the halogen make sure not to touch the glass bulb. If you do the oil from your fingers will create hot spots causing the bulbs to burn our prematurely. If you do touch the glass wipe it off with some rubbing alcohol before you install it.

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System voltage?

Is there a way you could plug a voltmeter into the cigarette lighter?

If so, watch what the readouts average out at.

In a normal daytime driving, system voltage should be at least 13.5 volts and perhaps closer to 13.9 VDC.

Once you have established an average number, then turn the headlights and anything else you can think of and see how the voltage numbers average out.

Volts should not drop significantly below 13.5 VDC.

If so, I would suggest the regulator is not working well and hence the amps flowing thru the headlight filaments is more than is desirable. A higher than design amp draw is one thing that kills bulbs - the only question is why.

Bulbs are often rated at so many hours at so many volts; these days, the rated volts is usually closer to 13.5 than 12.0.

A 55 watt H7 running at 12 volts will draw more amps than at 14 volts and therefore reduce filament life.
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