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My Battery light comes on intermmediately

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My battery light on 2000 Discovery recently has been coming when I start up engine. However, it usually turns off after I rev up the engine to about 3500 rpm's. The times when it the light doesn't turn off, it usually turns off after I get on the freeway.

Does this mean my alternator is going bad, or does my battery need to be replaced? Or is there something else I need to look at or replace?

Any info on this matter would be helpful.

So I took it to advance auto for a charging system check: Battery came back at 12.77 with 634 cca; Starter came back at voltage 10.57v, Amps 0.0a, 2.67seconds; Alternator no load 13.910 and with load 13.86. walk into store come back out to start and the battery light is pressed the accelerator and it goes away, I don't want to spend the money if it is the wiring how do I figure it out?

Please help me!!!!
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Check all of your battery and alternator electrical connections, 13.9 volts is pretty good. Something could be jiggling causing intermittent voltage fluctuation. The computer controls when the alternator turns on and off, mostly to reduce load during starting. If the signal wire on the alternator is loose then it could be shutting on and off, extra vibrations from revving or highway might jiggle it into a functional position.
You probably need a new alternator. If you want to be absolutely sure, take the car to basically any chain auto parts store and have them run a charging system test. That will tell you definitively if the output of the alternator is within the acceptable range.
Well if you read the first post, you'd know he did that already.

Sounds like an alternator problem anyway though. Cheapest thing is to buy a rebuilt one, if that doesn't do it, you should be able to return it. I got away with that a few times.
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