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my dashboard is a christmas tree....

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well I did a search and couldn't find a definitive answer so here it goes...

last week my ABS started pulsing at slow speeds and before it was warmed up...yesterday the dashboard lit up like a christmas tree and the red brake light was on (yes the PB was off), the HDC and ABS were amber after the car chimed three times. This now happens after about 5 minuts of running.

Oh, I have a 2000 DISCOII..thanks people!

I checked the fluids and they are OK...and ideas? Sensors? where are they and how many?

Oh, also the traction light goes on....and at first start there is some hesitation and the traction light is solid...
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You got a gremlin....

Hi there from Adam in NYC with a 96 D1.

Sounds like the harness that goes to the computer may not be seated properly. Why, I would not know. But I know that you are going to have a adventure.

What to do? Pick a option, door number or , green pill or red pill:

1. Find a fellow Rover fan that has a world of expierence and wisdom under his or her belt and has no fear. Cry on their shoulder, get the tools and start reseating the harnesses going to the computer.

When to stop? When everything works normally.

It will involve you having to disconnect and reconnect the battery each time (screw the radio anti-theft but have the codes taped to the front of the radio) so you don't do anything like accidently set off the airbags.

Don't laugh. Seen them go off in a Volvo 20 minutes after the fender-bender. Bloody expensive joke.

2. Contemplate a fate worse than death, go back to the dealer.
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Re: Good LI mechanic

signnage said:
Adam, I'm in Long Island. Can you recommend someone knowledgeable?
Actually I am not totally knowledgable about all the decent mechanics in LI but I have had Scott Dalton work on my D1 in the past and he has done good work. He is in Smithtown next to the Land Rover Dealership. He also has a website. :rellye:

Contact Expedition Imports

After I am raped by Manhattan Ford at the end of the month of April, I will probably end up and go to Autobaun Motors on the East Side of Manhattan. They were mentioned in a flyer from Atlantic British. I know that they are on the Better Business Bureau and they are walking distance from my premises.
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