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My Disco did it again

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After 6 months or so of no problems at all, now the power door lock on the driver's side front door(actually, the driver's door) quit working.I tried unplugging the connector inside the door panel,cleaned the prongs, put a bit of wd-40 in the cable coming from the door handle, as well as at the inside-the-door part of the outside door handle, still nothing.While putting things back, the green little connector for the door knob rod to the actuator itself broke, so now to get things worse, the knob fell inside the door panel.I still can lock the car on the three other doors with the alarm activating as well, but nothing on the drivers door though, not even the sound of the thing locking and unlocking in that door.The alarm works well, as kind of ignoring that door lock, if I open it when it has been activated with the remote, it still goes off.Does anyone has an idea of the actuator part price(new) and the part number?As you can see I still need a parts manual CD.Any help appreciated.
p.s. My disco is a '99 series ll SE v-8 5-seater and automatic.
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I hear your pain... I had the same problem on my p/side door ..nightmare. I ordered a new acuator 149 bucks put it in and it didnt work so I took my buddies out of his and it worked 10 minutes prior.. and nuttin I cleaned everything changed a spring and still sucks no I cant even lock the door ran outta daylight no So here iam alarm goes off it do is opened but I have a lot of tools,cd player xm units gps inside and I hate too take it al out when I go somewhere If u figure it out let me know and like wise here I dont think it is your acuator we r missing something..
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