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My Driver Door Won't Open-Please Help

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Got a real problem. My 2000 RR was working fine the other day so I stopped to get gas and decided to go through the car wash. Got back in the car after gassing up and went thru the wash and noticed the passenger floor got wet and also the kick panel facia while getting washed(no not the O rings-alrerady done that). When I got home the driver door wouldn't open even though the door handle, the inside lever and the door locks work. Days later the door still won't open and I've tried about everything I could to slide something to the inside catch to release the latch.
Can it be that something shorted out and superlocked my door? Everything else on the car works fine and there are no warnings on the dash.
Can ANYONE help, please.
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Hi there; I'm new to the list but I had a problem with me passenger side door on my 99 RR last weekend. Would not open from inside or out and the inside lock would not pop up. I found the release cable lever on the door lock stuck. I opened the window and with a long dowel I was able to push back where it need to be to open the door from out side. Then with the door open its easy to removed the door panel and oiled every thing up. May be this will save a trip to the dealer. It worked for me.
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