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My interior refresh thread

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Hi all, just wanted to start a thread to document my interior refresh plans. I restored the interior of a previous car of mine (1991 Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero) and it came out well enough. I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine and heavy fabrics. Right now I have a 1995 RRC LWB with Sorrell Tan leather. It is the soft dash version, so I need to be careful! Here's my old Montero Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mitsubishi Sport utility vehicle

Here's what I'm thinking about doing:
- reupholster rear seats in new rich grain leather, or some sort of VERY rugged, nice looking material
- replace front seats with aftermarket seats (such as Recaro Ergomed) Car seat cover Black Car seat Product Leather

- use 3M Di-Noc to wrap all interior plastic & some vinyl pieces (wont be going carbon fiber style or anything ;-) parts off the top of my head would be the dome light surround, handle surrounds, gauge cluster and center stereo plastic surrounds, possibly seat back plastics, glove box door and door under the steering wheel, etc) Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Carbon Gun

- I've got a (built for factory) Little Passengers 3rd row rear seat which is slightly off in color. I'm thinking about either reupholstering and fitting that OR getting another factory 2nd row seat and putting that in the back. (This would entail moving the 2nd row forward and and relocating the rear spare tire and subwoofer, which is fine by me) Floor Car Room Vehicle Flooring

- fitting nicer interior lighting - like LEDs or something, replacing yellowed dome lenses
- fitting a completely new sound system using existing speaker locations, maybe a small amp and new sub
- fitting custom iPad Mini holders into the rear of the headrests (I have 2 kids and these are invaluable on long trips)
- reupholstering headliner (mine had just been redone rather shoddily when I bought it. Bodge job if you ask me.)
- reupholstering the sun visors and fitting a larger, lighted set of mirrors
- remove spare tire and sub box and create new upholstered trim panel for exposed areas
- find some really nice carpet and use existing to create new carpet, maybe with some extra padding. If I re-do the carpet I'll likely redesign it a bit so that it's carpeted when the seats are tumbled and make it a little more comfy, and make a really robust flexible connection where the carpet meets the tailgate.
- I'll either Di-Noc or glue-upholster the door cards and use new fabric to replace that 70's fabric insert. I will keep all the existing wood trim except the center console because mine is cracked. That will either get Di-Noc'd or padded and glue-reupholstered.

As far as color schemes, the interior is tan and I like it a lot, but I've always been partial to black on black, or black on tan. I also really like the rich kind of dark burnt orange color, so that's an option too. It's easier to reuse at least some of the existing color, because some trim parts can only really be painted, and I'd like to avoid that. Also I wouldn't want to reupholster a brand new $2,000 Recaro seat, and they're only available in a few different colors.

The 3rd row seat is another big decision. I've had a look and it would be possible to move the existing 2nd row forward to create more room in the back (the LWB has 8" extra legroom to play with), but it's a hell of a lot easier to reupholster the Little Passenger seat I have and stick it in the back and call it a day.

I'll be probably focusing on doing the trim Di-Noc first, and then start researching textiles and thinking about what kind of colors I want to go for. I'll update as it unfolds!
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By the way, Here's my LWB as it stand today. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Automotive tire
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Not to sound harsh, but with the money from the two ergomeds you could buy 2 LWB's. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Range rover Sport utility vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Range rover
this is my rig. Just some advice: spend some money on drive train and suspension. I have a friend that has poured $ into his. $3k into his stereo alone. His truck still looks like ****. And rides like crap. Stereo sounds good. I kept the stock head unit and spent some $ on new speakers and a new sub. Sounds just as good.

I lifted mine, got bigger tires. New bumpers,paint. Have a new 4.2 ready for transplant. Lt230 transfer case. I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend. Make sure you have 0 rust issues. If you do, kill the rust immediately.

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Thanks for the tips, but this ain't my first rodeo ;-)

For me, interior things happen to be the least expensive because I do all of it myself, and materials usually only add up to under a grand. In terms of priorities, you're absolutely right and we're on the same page. My 4.2 was rebuilt about 20k ago and is running sweet as a nut. I plan to do a full bushing swap and get bigger ARBs on there, then swap to Bilstein shocks but then I'm done. I will do the suspensions and interior in tandem. Don't worry - more money will be spent on the things that matter. The interior is just fun for me and I like to do something unique.
By the way, the Ergomeds are crazy expensive I know, but I just meant to say its the type of seat I'm looking for. Something heated with good support. Probably wont spend $2k each ;-)

Also worth noting, I plan to keep this rig until I die, and since cars are my main hobby, a $4k expense for two seats doesn't sound that crazy to me - money where it matters and all. To me, seats are really important. Interior is just for fun. I'll probably have another 300k on her before she's dead.

Worth noting, our family has a little car buying plan. We get a new or slightly used car about every 10 years. Usually my wife gets it, and I put money into my own car. We usually spend about $30k on the new one, and I spend about $5-15k on mine over the course of its life because its my hobby. I usually buy cheap old junk and fix it up. But this RRC is my first 'lifer' car.

All to say that even if I did go with Recaro Ergomeds, the expense wouldn't phase me all that much. If I crashed the car I'd just change them to my next one.
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I'm with you. I guess at the end of the day, 4k isn't that much if you figure it in to the overall picture as a%. I'm a furniture designer, so I totally get comfort. I'm designing a run of custom dining chairs that have lumbar support (no heat :) ) so I get it. My rig will probably be driven for a long time. I spent a year looking for it. Bought it because it was a California truck and it had 0 rust.

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I'm with you. I guess at the end of the day, 4k isn't that much if you figure it in to the overall picture as a%. I'm a furniture designer, so I totally get comfort. I'm designing a run of custom dining chairs that have lumbar support (no heat :) ) so I get it. My rig will probably be driven for a long time. I spent a year looking for it. Bought it because it was a California truck and it had 0 rust.
How funny. I used to design furniture too, and my truck is also a CA car with zero rust.

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Worth noting that I'm partial to the Recaro and Bilstein brands because of previous experiences. Given that I refuse to buy a car that has 4 wheel but only drives 2 of them, my previous car was a 2004 Audi S4 which I miss a little, and had factory Recaro seats (and rear bench)! They were amazing and I'd never sit for any length of time in anything else if I can help it.

Before the Audi when I lived in England I had my first Subaru (the wife has a new Forester turbo now). It was a 1995 Legacy GX. 2.2 tank motor that refused to die, ever. That Subaru was my favorite car I ever owned, ever. Did I mention EVER? That MY in Europe also saw the GTB wagon Legacy, which had factory Bilstein coil overs. They ride like a BMW and cornered like a WRX. I swapped a set (direct bolt on) to my Leggy and it was just magical.

Now I know those were cars, but I regret to report that my RRC will spend the vast majority of its life ON the road, and hopefully sometimes off it. So I will endeavor to make it as ROADworthy as possible without sacrificing much, if any, offroading capability.

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