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I knocked out my back window awhile back and ended up loving not having it in in the summer-time. So I decided to make a removable one. It lifts up and out when needed.

It's just a simple piece of acrylic that I cut to fit. I cut the back inside rubber off of at the top and added 2 bolts... with screw down plastic handles on the inside.

I ordered the screw off handles on ebay and they should be here this week. (Will post pic when they get here)

The artwork logo is something that the Dallas dealership used to use on there website, but I created the artwork with Ulead 12 in a EPS file and had a guy on ebay make it for me. The Transformers thing is a stock vinyl sticker you can get online.

The family is die-hard Transformers fans.


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Would love to see pictures of how you mounted it.
Please share when you can.
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