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my V8 hybrid

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Heres my beast, fully sorted for getting muddy....

Suggs (uk)
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Very cool.. love the simplistic look!

Thanks Serg
heres another pic

Thats AWSOME :buttrock: .. Puts mine to shame :bawling:

Love it love it love it love it
Thats on coool ride you have :rellye

Adam :beer:
Very neat Suggs

What did you start off with and what mods did you do?

I see you chopped the tail aswell?
thanks guys

she started as a S2a 109 truck cab, then was cut down to 100inch and mounted on to a Range Rover chassis with a 3.5 V8 with K&N's, we had a full big bore exhaust system made that exits through the rear x-member, a full arc spec cage fitted to the chassis along with a pro-comp+2inch lift and dislocation cones, fuel cell and battery in the back, saftey cutouts fitted along with a push button starting system, bucket seats and harnesses, finished with eight spokes with
33/12.5/r15 mud tyres, shes good fun to drive and sounds amazing

Looking very awesome mate, anything else planned for it.??
yeah, i just gave it a fresh coat of nato green paint today, and decided to spray the wheels black, going to add a winch soon, and in the future a scorpion racing extreme supension kit the one with the huge amount of travel, problem is it cost around £2000.

typical landy owner , a spare in the background!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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