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Trying to pull a 12V feed for my electric trailer jack for my boat. A long time back I tapped into a purple with brown stripe (PN) wire that was on the "C1481 Connector" that you connect the trailer harness kit to for the 7-pin tow socket.

Ive been going crazy trying to find where this PN purple and brown striped wire goes. All I do know is that it gets 12V constant even with the truck off and that if I pull "Fuse 9" in the "Engine Compartment Fuse Box" it looses power. So its somehow connected to "Fuse 9" but thats a 30A fuse and I think the PN wire is 16AWG so that seems like too much amperage for a 16 gauge wire. So I dont know if it goes somewhere else first, maybe to a smaller fuse, then to "Fuse 9" or what.

The "Electrical Library" in RAVE has been useless. For some reason it shows an actual picture of "Connector C1481" with the PN wire listed in "Cavity 6" and then it completely disappears and gives no more mention of this wire. In the "Electrical Diagrams" of RAVE the 30A "Fuse 9" of the "Engine Compartment Fuse Box" shows a PN wire being fed to "C0605" the connector behind the "Engine Compartment Fuse Box", "C0926" which is the connector that would be on the "Heater-Fuel Burning" if it existed and then to the non-existent "Heater-Fuel Burning" which is for the diesel Discovery in Europe. It also shows one branch coming off of "Fuse 9" to "C0574" another connector to the back of the "Engine Compartment Fuse Box" as "Not Used".

Im guessing the PN wire on connector "C1481" goes directly to "C0574" the connector listed as "Not Used" but I cant imagine Land Rover fused a 16AWG wire for 30A. Isnt this too much?

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