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First Nationwide and International Land Rover Meeting
2005.05.27. - 2005.05.29.

The Express Youth and Student Travel Agency, the 4 WD center will organize the First Nationwide and International Land Rover Meeting in Szilváskőpuszta from 27th to 29th of May. Lots of program will make more interesting the meeting. These programs will be a great challenge both for the cars and the drivers. If the weather is good, the staff will expect more than 300 registered competitors (approximately 80 cars 3-4 people per car). During the 2-3 days there will be test-driving, technical shows, adventure trips, car exhibitions, children day programs. The expected number of audients will be around 3500-4000 people. One of the highlights of the 3 day long events will be the 25kms long car procession in Salgótarján. At the and of the programs Fecó Balázs will give a concert in the picturesque Szilváskőpuszta. The detailed program is available at :rellye
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