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Well, I want to try one last time to sell this Rover. It is in great shape, the frame is solid with no major rust. Very little body damage only a few small dents in the hood cowl and some small holes in the fenders from when there were flares installed. Several things have been Rhino Lined eg: hood center, lower sides, roof rack, etc... The truck starts immediately and has seen VERY LITTLE offroading, ask anyone who knows me this truck has sat more then it has been driven. I just yanked out the old 10 spine axles and swapped in some newer 24 spline casing complete with updated brakes and the whole nine. I also have a set of new Rancho adjustables to go with it. This is a last ditch effort before I trade it to someone else for another project that is currently pending so make me a decent offer and give it a good home.


• 1988 Range Rover Classic
• Fresh NATO Black Paint Job
• 3.9l Engine [80k miles]
• 14CUX ECU & Wiring Hardness Installed
• ZF Automatic Transmission [88k miles]
• LT-230 Transfer Box [22k miles]
• Stock 3.54 gears [24 spline]
• 16x8x4.00"BS Black Steel Wheels w/ 34x9.50x16 Military Super Swampers
• QT Front & Rear Differential Guards
• RoverTym HD Front & Rear Links [Adjustable for 1-5” Lift]
• Raised Breather Lines
• RoverTym Adjustable Pan-Hard Rod
• RoverTym Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit w/ OME Defender Style Damper
• Rebuilt Swivel Balls w/ New CV Assemblies
• Stainless Steel Brake Lines
• 5” RoverTym Lift
• Scorpion Racing Front Dislocation Cones
• RoverTym Rear Dislocation Cones
• RoverTym HD Rear Upper Loop Style Shock Mount
• RoverTym Front & Rear Lower Loop Style Shock Mounts
• Discovery II Loop Style Upper Shock Mounts
• 9 Way Adjustable Rancho Shocks w/ In-cab Controller
• Bearmach Adjustable Rear Ball Joint
• NRP Exhaust
• Front & Rear custom 30 degree shafts
• 2” Polyurethane Body Lift
• Red Rhino HD Rock Sliders
• Voyager front bumper w/ skid plate
• 8,000lb Winch w/ 150’ Dynaflex Synthetic Winch Line [All New]
• Hi-Lift Jack
• Limb Raisers
• Hella Fog Lights [1 is broken]
• CAT Side Lights & Reverse Lights
• Red Rhino Snorkel w/ Camel Trophy Style Snorkel Top
• Voyager Roof Rack System
• Hella H4 Upgraded Headlight System
• Red Rhino Products Rear Tubular Bumper
• Hellroaring Technologies Dual Battery System
• Dual NAPA regular batteries
• Discovery Series I Front Manual Seats
• RRC Rear Folding Seats
• Pioneer Stereo System
• CB Radio w/ Firestick
• Discovery Series I Automatic Shifter Mechanism
• More…
Replaced OE Parts:
• Vehicle Speed Sensor
• Distributor
• Plugs & Wires
• MAS Sensor
• Injectors
• Motor Mounts
• Bushings
• Fuel Pump
• Fuel Filter [Converted to New Style Thread On/Off]
• Hoses
• Belts
• Clutch Fan [Upgrade to Metal]
• Coil [Relocated Inside Cab]
• ECU [Relocated Inside Cab]
• Starter
• All Wiring in Engine Bay & Positives & Grounds Re-ran
• Radiator Boiled
• All Windows Serviced and Working
• All Door Locks Serviced and Working
• Wood Trim Interior Professionally Refinished
• More…
You can see photos of it here:

Email me direct if your interested – [email protected]

, Jason Michaels
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