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Hi there from Adam (96 Disco 1, 91k) :drive:

I hope this gets to be a regular post and put up for all the forums. I post this not as a commercial plug. I am but a satisfied customer who needed a decent mechanic who loves LandRovers.

I found a decent LandRover Mechanic in my area (NYC and Long Island USA).

I also like a guy who drives a LR that is as old as me :clap: (43 years). It still has the original historic plates on it and still uses it for his other line there: off-road tours on the sand dunes of Long Island.

In a space of a day, he looked over the vehicle and told me what needed to be knocked out first. Scott Dalton cleaned up my Disco's leaky power steering and swapped out that rotting rubber donut thing in the rear drivetrain. In short, he knows his old and new LandRovers and can get the original parts for a decent price.

Expedition Imports, Inc.
LandRover Service & Restoration

Scott Dalton
646 E. Jericho Tpk. Suite 11
St. James, NY 11780

Phone: 516.456.0980
Fax: 631.584.9245
email:[email protected]
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