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Hello Land Rover gurus!

In great need of your wisdom and advice. Recently my girlfriends Dad unexpectedly passed away, as part of his estate which she controls there is an old Land Rover which she wishes to sell to help pay for a renovation loan on the house that her ailing mother has been left with.

Based on some online research...I believe that the rover is a Series II pickup truck styled rover in the area of about 1964, but I'm not sure, I'm looking for a bit of help in that area.

Also, I'm wondering what a reasonable asking price would be for such a vehicle...I know what she'd like to get out of it but want to make sure that it's a legitimate ask before presenting it to buyers.

Wondering what wonderful knowledge you can impart on me to help her get what she needs out of this's hard for her to part with and she needs to maximize what she gets.

Below find the current ad with what I know about it and pictures that I took a week ago.

Rare - 1964 Land Rover LR2 Pickup Truck For Sale - Moncton Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Moncton Canada.

Thanks for all your help.

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