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Need Advice on Importing into US...

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Need some advice. We have been living in Brazil for about a year now and I have now come back to the US. My family will follow shortly. Enough babble...

We have a 2003 Land Rover Defender 110 L/W in Brazil and we have fallen in love with the vehicle that we want to bring it to the US. Questin is, fist is it worth it and second if so, what hoops do I have to jump through to get it here?

Thanks in advance.
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Defender 110 from SA to USA

I live in Seattle and I am planning to move to Buenos Aires in early 2006 and living there for a year, year and a half before driving back home to Seattle. The pipe dream includes a defender 110, registered in BA, driven up to Seattle on a "temporary" basis. I don't plan on registering it in the US, it will only be in transit until I return "home" to BA. Does anyone know the rules on temporarily having a 110 in the USA? I'll start checking the links provided earlier.

BTW Fernando, How'd you like to rent/lease it to someone in BA while your in the US?

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