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Hello all,

I have a growing interest in Series Land Rovers. I have never owned one before, but have been heavily researching as I feel it would be a very suiting truck for my needs.

I am an ecologists, specializing in North American Mountain ecosystems. A lot of my work is field work, often quite far from where I live, and incredibly remote. Requiring a vehicle with superb durability and off road performance, while also being able to handle extensive highway driving. Ever since I was young I have worked on and owned American trucks, primarily Ford's and Chevy's. I have extensive knowledge and experience working on these vehicles. After trying my luck with numerous American trucks, looking for something to suit my needs, nothing has been able to fully satisfy all the requirements of a vehicle that I'm looking for. Most recently I have been driving a Ford Bronco II, and off road performance is superb, but the truck is just too small, the amount of gear I'm traveling with fills up the Bronco, and I definitely cannot camp in it. After research, I'm feeling that a 109" Land Rover may fit the bill perfectly.

Being that I have a background with American auto, I very much like being able to work on the trucks when need be in remote places. For example, on one trip I made an impromptu transmission lift using a floor jack and dropped my transmission on the side of Hwy 2 in the Yukon to replace a bad clutch on a Ford f100. I like that parts are inexpensive and abundant, for the most part, when dealing with American mechanics.

With that being said, I greatly admire and respect the mechanics of Land Rovers. I mean the age, durability and quality of these older rigs that are still on the road speaks for themselves. And as I said before, the truck itself seems to be something that would suit my work and needs perfectly. After extensive research I am most interested in the 109" Series Land Rovers, my income and preference for simplistic design is limiting me to these older models. I am very interested in doing an engine conversion, specifically to a Chevy I6, possibly a drivetrain conversion as well.

I am looking for thoughts, advice and opinions on this whole thing. What is truly involved in swapping in a Chevy engine? I am looking for something that will be simple and incredibly reliable. While also allowing for accessible parts that are not excessively expensive, ie something that I could find in a small town Autozone if need be. Would a drivetrain swap be a smart move too?

Overall, would this be a reliable option, and specifically what type of cost would I be looking at for such an overhaul?

Thank you all greatly for your time and thoughts! These trucks seem to be incredible machines, and I very much look forward to learning all about them.

- Kyle

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Don't expect too much of a response here. Very little Series action on this forum. Visit Guns and Rovers at These guys eat, sleep, and breath Series Rovers. Best forum on this side of the pond I've found for them. There's guys on there that literally bought their Series Rover brand new off the showroom floor and are still driving it. Pretty awesome group of Rover nuts.

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