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Need Drivers Seat ECU Advice 95 RRC

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Took it out and soldered on new battery and still no works. The drivers seat switch controlled drivers mirror prior to removing. Is there any work around here you guys know of? Will to pay for working one but I guess they are unheard of. Don't really care about mirrors and seat memory and warmers have never worked....I guess I just want to adjust the seat for the poor guy behind me in a SWB.
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Wow way lot of info my 95 rrc aka christine memory worked
On my93rrc i wanna scream i cut old seat out thinking it was motors
.new seat in swap'd switch same thing mirrors move thinking disco
Manual seats in my future;)
Thanks guys and paul is there away around memory ecu and just use a seat and switch without it?;)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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