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Need help. Amber ACE light

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I have the following error code:

I've had an intermittent amber ace light for awhile now and just last weekend it turned red and started beeping. I have no ACE leaks, I've flushed the system and the reservoir is full. I took the filter out last fall and cleaned it with carb cleaner although it was completely clean to begin with. I have the Nanocom code reader and have no other codes. I was planning on driving 4 hours to the lakes tomorrow (kayaks are already on top) but don't feel comfortable doing this. I did buy new direction control valves and replaced valve 1 however I did a resistance test on both new and old valve and they are the same so I'm not convinced the old valve was faulty. Any help would be appreciated and my electrical troubleshooting skills could use improvement.

I ordered a non-ace serpentine belt which I'm going to pick up tomorrow and though I could just put that on and pull the relay and/or fuse to disable the system. Can someone confirm which to pull? Fuse 12 or 14? Relay 13?
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