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Hey guys,

2002 Landrover Discovery 2 (126,000 miles)

This AM after leaving home I noticed a slight increase and decrese in my RPM's (not that much but could hear the slight rythem). It drove fine. However, later in the day I was driving and noticed around 50 MPH it would feel like it was slightly misfiring perhaps.
I had to contine on throughout the day and when I was backing out of my parking space I noticed it was vibrating a lot more than usual.
Driving home this misfiring feeling kept happening around 50-55 MPH. Then it started happening around 40 MPH with more consistency. It continued until it got to happening often.
(I say misfiring... it felt like as I was giving it gas it would temporarily loose power for a second. a slight jostling type feeling.)

The "Check Engine light" came on for the first time and started blinking so I pulled over and checked to see if anything obvious was wrong under the hood but it seemed ok.

I limped it home the rest of the way. The Engine light would be solid when coasting or idle and often start blinking when giving throttle.

Wondering if anybody has any idea about a possible cause?
I can get a ride to work but need to get this situation fixed up ASAP.
I wont be able to get a code reader for another 24 hours at a min.

Does this situation sound familiar to anybody??


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Sounds like a bad wire or maybe a bad coil? What was your weather today? Wet? Engine light flashing is very likely the miss . A simple basic o.b.d.2 code reader should access and read engine codes. Once you get a code and you can work towards isolating the faulty cylinders

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A blinking CEL/SES light is ALWAYS a "catalyst damaging misfire". This usually means that unburned fuel is entering the exhaust system putting the catalytic converters at risk due to fouling.

Any number of causes unforunately - bad plugs, wires, coils, injectors, vacuum leak, leaky gaskets, etc. Your first step should be to get the codes scanned. If the problem is isolated to 1 cylinder, you're probably looking at a plugs/wires issue - could be the injector but that's a stretch. If its a multiple/random misfire code then you're probably looking at bad coils.

You're more than likely looking at a plug/wire replacement. The parts are affordable and readily available, but due to the location of the coils at the back of the engine it is a fairly time consuming job.
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