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All-While I am not new to owning a Discovery, I am a novice at what we are about to undertake-prepping a Disc 2 for wet, muddy off-road driving.

I previously owned a '95 SE7, and current own an 04 Disco 2 S, primarily used as a work/daily driver. I am wanting to make modifications to the '04 for the purpose of using it off road during "duck" season. I have browsed around the forum and found great information on products and issues to address.

Our off road application here in NoEast AR during the winter months will primarily be in wet, muddy terrain, driving along farm field roads. I have taken my GMC Sierra through water 2.5' deep (when a farm road was flooded) at times getting out to a blind. Depths higher than that we usually just wade through.

Neither of my local shops (maybe I just haven't found the right one) seem to be able to give me any advice on how much I need to lift, or on the wheel & tire size, thus my post here for experience/expertise. (Based on my experience with the '95 SE7 & the repair oriented posts I am seeing here I need to be a member more than ever).

So, if anyone has a comment, suggestion, experience..... knows the limitations of wheel/tire sizes, lifting, etc., you comments will be very much appreciated. Value added ideas will also be appreciated, as budget can be an issue.

As a side point, I am planning to equip a separate set of wheels/tires to be used during hunting season, and before and after plan to ride on a set of wheels/tires more suited to street driving.

Here are some of the modifications I am considering:

Front Bumper: ARB Bull or Sahara Bar with wench-(Alternative)
Rear Bumper: Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
Raised Transmission Breather Kit?
Fuel Tank Skid Guard
Steering Guard
Differential Guards
Doorsill Guard
Deep Cycle Battery
Steering Damper (?)
Suspension: Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers
Suspension: Old Man Emu Medium Load Springs (2" Lift) and Old Man Emu 10mm Trim Packers (?)
Disco2 DOT Front and Rear Brake Steel Braided Hose Kit
Lamp Guards: Front and Rear

Looking forward to your thoughts/comments
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